Women Warriors Of The Convoy

“We want our country back,” said Denise during a conversation by her camper the next day. “We want it back the way it was intended to be run, not as a profitable organization for the few.”

Denise traveled to Maryland from Tennessee with her two housemates in an aging motorhome. Every day of the convoy except one, she has driven the massive vehicle with The People’s Convoy. She missed one day due to mechanical problems.

“Many people have never heard of this. So even though we’re here, [the mainstream media] is still trying to keep it quiet. But how long can you keep it quiet?” Though many in power have been successful in spreading select narratives through various mainstream and social media channels, she noted, “If they can spread a virus like that, we ought to be able to spread the good stuff.”

From her camping chair nearby, Denise’s friend Darleen added, “We’ve gotta try. We have to try.”

These women are retired and should be exhausted from their past battles with cancer and COVID, but they are ready for another battle, one affecting many beyond themselves – the battle for their country. They have been through decades of ups and downs, but dramatic social, economic, and policy changes over the past few years have them particularly concerned.

“And the price of everything. If I was just living by myself, I couldn’t afford to live,” said Denise. “And with the three of us, we’re struggling now where we’ve never struggled before.”

When asked if the convoy could change any of this, she responded, “I think it’s worth a shot because nothing else has worked.”

Darleen added emphatically, “Doing nothing is not an option.”

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