Truckers Keep America Moving

John & Scott w/ FoodPRO, Frederick, MD. "Truckers Keep America Moving"
John & Scott

My name is Scott Brunk I am the CEO of FoodPRO and large independent broadline food distributor out of Frederick Md. We have been in business for over 85 years I am part of the third generation. We employee and support over 150 families. One of the biggest parts of what we do is supply food and goods to Restaurant all over the mid-Atlantic region. So, trucking and more importantly truck drivers are especially important to our business. Without them there is no food on people’s plates fact! We value our drivers I think more than most in our industry. In fact, in 2014 one of our drivers delivered over one million pieces without making one error. This took the driver over 7 years to accomplish think about no errors in 7 years crazy. So, we did something just as crazy a gave him a brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee! At FoodPRO we want to continue to do these types of things for our families. However, it is getting harder every day to keep our trucks on the road due to policies coming down from Washington DC. Just the fuel cost alone today as I write this is over $6 a gallon for diesel fuel. Restriction on CDL drivers and equipment cost are out of control. People need to understand that its not just a slogan “Truckers Keep America Moving” it is a FACT. Just in my business alone in any given day I have 20-30 inbound trucks delivering to my warehouse then 30-40 outbound trucks going out every night. All with food for people to eat. But the cost to move this product just for us is up over 30%. (Labor, Fuel, equipment, parts.) Yet the left who says they want to help the middle class want to add more restriction to how trucks and truckers do their job. The day they pay $20 for a Bigmac they will understand but probably not the media will just say it is the greedy truckers and business charging too much for deliveries. I pray and hope America wakes up soon hope its just not to late! 

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