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In today’s hyper politicized culture many of those interested in effecting positive change in their society, focus on politics in a direct and static fashion. This isn’t inherently an unimportant point of focus. However a movement based strictly on classic political mechanisms typically manifests a brief and fleeting change that disappears or becomes rudderless if a vote goes the other direction regardless of how popular the political catalyst seems.

Another downfall to relying on this particular type of movement alone is that even in the best years with the highest voter turnout (2020 for example) only 62% of Americans of voting age actually voted. That also doesn’t include the 73+ million children who become the stewards for the America of tomorrow. One of the only ways(besides the education system) to reach them is through the arts. Music, movies, literature, and images. With the saturation of media in today’s society, neglecting the arts is akin to seceding influence of the cultural direction to those who recognize its intrinsic value. After all, why do you think China has invested billions of dollars into Hollywood and the music industry?

Art has the power to change political climates, start & stop wars, alter trending crime statistics, influence depression & drug use, choose what’s popular both now and in the future etc. many people overlook the arts when they think about affecting change and as a general rule, they lose. The political whims of a nation are directed by those who steer the wheel of culture.

My advice for those with the means or desire to affect positive change in the society of today? Make sure to invite, include, support, and promote artists who have a message you can stand behind. Add them to your events, feature them in your websites, social media, and publications. Don’t just choose music. Film actors, painters, writers, graphic designers etc are all specialists you can include to add a richer sense of depth and set yourself apart from your competition. Instead of an endless stream of political talking heads, break it up with a musical performance, comedian, or theatrical debut. Premiere cinema supportive of the message. Think outside the box. Would you rather go listen to a politician drone on for an hour about policy, or see a kick ass band live introduced by the candidate you support? Which one will leave a longer lasting impression? Think about it., 

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