Take the Jab or Lose Your Job

US Freedom Flyers was started out of necessity. It is a grassroots movement started by airline employees who refused to stay silent while having their rights trampled on. They are passionate about preserving medical freedom, bodily autonomy, and refuse to tolerate the notion of “take the jab or lose your job”. That was only 9 months ago

US Freedom Flyers has now grown into a much larger conglomerate of not only airline employees, but passengers, truckers, and other industries. It has become so much more than “anti jab” and “anti-mandate”. It has morphed into a “watchdog organization” for those who are overlooked and overburdened by the weight of illegal activities at the hands of the large corporate giants and the Unions that appear to be doing their bidding.

US Freedom Flyers has developed a reputation for being there when people need them. These are dark times in this country and the “take the jab or lose your job” culture has now turned into a crisis for the vaccine injured. Finding medical help and support for the injured and their families has become another focus of this grassroots organization led by Josh Yoder.

Every airline employee has been subjected to this gross overreach by the companies they serve. Many pilots are now experiencing vaccine side effects such as cardiac issues, strokes, and neurological conditions, to name a few. Neither the airlines, the FAA, or the DOT have implemented protocols to address this critical issue and are putting the flying public in peril. There is a veil of silence around what is happening in our skies.

US Freedom Flyers is now ensuring someone will be held accountable for the harms caused physically, emotionally, spiritually and psychologically. Lawsuits are filed on behalf of the affected employees through US Freedom Flyers against all the major airlines, the FAA, and the Department of Transportation. If you would like to support the movement and litigation fees, please visit USFreedomFlyers.org to join as a member and stay informed on the latest actions being taken.

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