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Article Submission and Writing Guidelines

Submissions Will Be Reviewed On:


The submission should be organized, flow smoothly, and the idea be understood.


The article should have a single clear central idea. The article should be current and relevant.


The submission should be written in generally correct English, with complete sentences, and be relatively error-free. Facts should be correct and credit given when applicable.

All submissions must align with the Americas Convoy Commemorative Magazine focus on the American convoy movement and purpose and adhere to the values of God, family, country, and freedom.

All submission must be original and must not have previously appeared in print or digital format.

Submissions must be free of major grammatical errors, including spelling, capitalization, and punctuation. Please follow approved sentence structure, with only the acceptable artistic variations. Free programs are available online such as Grammarly.

Any facts or information provided in the submission must be fact checked and free from error.

Americas Convoy Commemorative Magazine reserves the right to edit submissions.

If your submission is accepted, you will be requested to refrain from publishing your article in print or digital format, for 1 week after publication on an Americas Convoy Commemorative Magazine platform.

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