Patriot Journalism

A Patriotic Journalism Opportunity

Thank you for your interest in working with us within the journalism arena to create a publishing brand that celebrates our liberties and freedoms while fearlessly acknowledging God in all that we do.

If there were ever a time for you to engage for our freedoms with your journalism skills, that time is now. Our nation is under siege from a media machinery that has deceived millions of Americans that have paralyzed them with misinformation. The answer is to liberate them with the truth. So we are working tirelessly to gather an army of journalists, photographers, videographers, bloggers, podcasters, editors, and more to join us!

If you haven’t attended a zoom meeting, please review the pre-recorded zoom meeting on the link above. This will give you a basic overview of whether or not this would be for you.

Let us know about you by filling out the form below.