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Affiliate Patriots Are the Distributors of FREEDOM!

Without grassroots distribution, our ideas are just that: IDEAS

IDEAS cannot transfer to a tangible expression that people can touch and handle with their own hands unless those ideas can be packaged and presented to them. Unfortunately, today’s cancel culture has canceled us on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and even local stores from taking our ideas to the marketplace. The standard distribution chain is gone, and it will never be back. The only solution is for you to become the distributor of freedom.

When They See This Video, They Will Order!

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Patriot Affiliate

  • Earn 20% of sales through your link to the Commemorative Magazine

Patriot Partner

  • Earn 30% of sales through your link to the Commemorative Magazine.
  • 5% from affiliates beneath you

How Aggressive Do you Want To Be?

You might be wondering why we are asking you for money. Simple. It takes money to make money. We want to provide you with stellar support, and we have to pay for that. We want to be creative and provide a platform that can assist you in making income. Robust infrastructure and people who care require resources. However, there is another element to this. We want to be sure we have the right Patriot Affiliates. Free programs attract many tire kickers who sign up for one reason: It’s free! This can lead to uncommitted affiliates that consume space on our platform without the intention to work for the business. If you invest in yourself, we will too. So pick a program, and let’s work on becoming the Patriot Distributors of FREEDOM!