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we hope you find your place in the upcoming debut edition in september 2022


America’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine is about confrontation. Real genuine confrontation. It is not about feeling good. It is about being right. We hope you find your place in the upcoming debut edition in September 2022.

While ACCM will dig deep to expose and confront, it will strike oil in discovering principle-based solutions to bring healing, restoration, and hope back to the American people. In fact, as the convoys across this nation take place, the one common fruit that is popping up is HOPE! We aim to fuel this hope with solutions, ideas, debates, surveys that provide relevant data, and more convoys to remind the government that THEY WORK FOR US!

Meet Our Team

William Owens

vp of operations

William Owens is America’s Poet. He has written 16 books on the spiritual life, of which two are books of poetry. He has over 25 years in the publishing industry and is VP of Operations for America’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine, which debuts in June 2022.

He specializes in publishing and distribution. He is a brand creator and entrepreneur who focuses on identifying new trends from which he crafts brands that provide a product or service that addresses that need.

He has traveled full-time for over seven years throughout America in his RV as an artist, inspiring people with his gift of poetry that promotes hope, love, and forgiveness. He was a featured speaker on the 5 of the 6 Tea Party Express Tours in 2012-2014 and published 5 of their commemorative journals. Just recently, he toured for two months with several truck convoys coast to coast almost twice. In 2019, he rode his bike (bicycle) for over 1,000 miles sharing hope from Nevada to Texas, which he documents his experience in his book, “Astonished.” His latest book is Journey by Faith, in which he encourages everyone to take the journey God has for them in discovering and fulfilling His will by faith!


Books: Journey by Faith, Warriors Arise, Poems for America, Naked Before God, Bastards in the Pulpit, Wisdom the Principal Thing Get It! Astonished. Obama Why Black America Should Have Doubts

By Through People Publishers

DVD: The Poetic Expression of Hope, Love, & Forgiveness Poetry Concert

CD: I AM Poetry, Naked Poetry

Karen Wilkins

Managing Editor

Karen Wilkins, Collaborator. I am a writer and blogger, focused on providing thought provoking articles. I am inspired to tell the people’s story and our unique journeys. I enjoy sharing stories that encourage the strength to ask the questions and pursue the truth.

Karen Wilkins is a published author of short stories and poetry. She has traveled most of the 50 states listening to and writing about the amazing people of this nation. She has over forty years of business experience from small business ownership to management with large corporations across the country. Karen loves this country, the diversity of its people, and the wonder of their journeys. Calling herself a story teller, she enjoys writing thought provoking articles that will light a fire in people’s hearts to question, to ask for things that are unjust to be corrected. As the Managing Editor for America’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine, Karen’s focus is to truthfully document the people’s journey as we reclaim our God given and Constitutional rights for us and our children’s children.


Casey Anderson


Casey Anderson is a teacher, a certified life coach, and award-winning published author. She is also a patriot, truth seeker, and digital soldier who writes articles in order to shine a light onto the darkness.

Jill Linaac

Web Master

Jill Linaac is a web designer with digital marketing expertise. She helps the team in making great websites.