Hold the Press!

Have you ever had a story that had to be told? The ability to communicate is one of our most precious gifts. Since the beginning of history, we have had a burning need to tell our story, our truth. The earliest of God’s people painted their message on stone. Our elders relied upon word of mouth to pass the truth from generation to generation. With inspiration from God, came the written word. Our story became tangible. The words of our Lord, the truth, our story could be documented and protected. We felt safe in this knowledge.

Our forefathers knew the value of the written word. When we declared our independence from the tyranny of Britain, it was written. Our forefathers penned the Constitution, and forever declared the rights and freedoms of the People of this Nation. This document was to be respected, to be read, to be shared.

It appears these memories have begun to fade.

Through the biases and agendas of some, the rights of the People are being stripped away. The People’s Convoy began rolling to bring attention to the mandates and the Emergency Powers Act, but this is not the whole story. The People’s Convoy is using the precious gift of communication to remind all government that “they work for us.” Our freedoms will not be relinquished, including our right to communicate. But right now, our freedom to tell our story, to share the truth is on the chopping block. Social platforms are exercising censorship bias, news platforms report biased news and states are voting on freedom negating bills. This includes bills that would prohibit or totally erase any person or entity from making statements that the government deems untrue or misleading in any form. Our Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are at risk!

Thomas Jefferson wrote a friend in 1786, “Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost.” Our freedom to communicate needs to be protected. Though some of us may be unable to roll across our Nation or through our states with the convoys, all Americans are The People’s Convoy. We are the messengers. We are the story tellers. We can speak the truth, distribute the journals and post the links. We will communicate. Our God given rights, protected by the Constitution, are ours to exercise.

I pray the Lord provides us strength and guidance on this journey. As with any journey, there will be challenges. But together, we can hold each other up and together we will be heard! Our story will be told. Our presses will not be silenced!

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