Help Me to Bring Healing To America

Could you use some hope this weekend?

We could all use some hope, love, and forgiveness right now! Unfortunately, today’s news and most media rehash the same issues day in and day out. It has one agenda: To bombard Americans’ minds and souls with narratives void of inspiration. This fact alone can and will take its toll. Unfortunately, for many, it has. The mental overload has led to depression and anxiety with few solutions as to why we are witnessing multiple areas of division spiral out of control.

Regardless of the darkness’s depth, it only takes a spark of light to dispel it. So this weekend, we want to give you not a spark but a beam of light with family and friends at absolutely no charge and right in the privacy of your home.

William Owens is America’s Poet.

America's Poet, William Owens

He traveled with the Truck Convoy for nearly two months, sharing prayers and poetry daily on the stage, and many were blessed. His poetry will captivate you as you hear his words confront the issues we are dealing with in America. From polluted politicians to enforced racism to keep our nation divided. His poem, The Melody of My Life, beautifully addresses LIFE as he articulates the thoughts of an unborn child speaking from the sacred place of their mother’s womb. Another favorite is “Scars,” which tells us how to be healed from our heart’s pain. “Forgive Me and Let it Go” confronts each of us in how hard we are on ourselves and, therefore, others.

In a candid interview, William talks about Black America. His poems address our nation’s challenging issues while never losing the core message of Hope, Love, and Forgiveness.

So much more could be said to encourage you to enjoy this two-hour poetry concert, but we would rather cut to the chase and encourage you to watch it yourself. You might want to grab a few napkins because several poems are known to create a flow of a few tears here and there.

Remember, there is only one button to push, and that’s PLAY.

If you so desire, after the experience, you may freely pay it forward so that William can keep it Free for everyone to Heal! There will be a link on the page for you to do so.

2- Hour Concert – Poetic Expressions of Hope, Love, & Forgiveness

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