Have you ever gazed at the Nation’s Capital building in DC? In early July 2022 I had that opportunity. As I walked down the National Mall, dumbfounded by the sheer magnitude of where I was, my focus changed and my gait quickened as a stand of American flags came into focus. As promised, at the foot of the Nation’s Capital, I found the camp of “Santa” and the 1776 Restoration Movement. In the shadow of the Capital, under an old shade tree, “Santa” shared some personal insights, views, obligations, and laughs.


David Riddell, aka "Santa"

David Riddell, the man the nation has come to know as “Santa”, is a private, admittedly emotional man that is not driven by any of the trappings and pitfalls of leadership. David is clear to explain that he actually steered clear of leadership roles, preferring to be the adviser in the background. He’ll even give you a grin and a chuckle and explain how he was almost literally drug kicking and screaming into his current position. Since July 6, 2022, David has been standing at the foot of our Nation’s Capital, front and center, Washington, DC. As a humble man of God, it is a deep sense of duty that has brought him to where he is today. Bound by his word, he has pledged to keep the promises he made to the American people as he drove across this Nation with The People’s Convoy. David refuses “to be another politician that says we’re going to do something and simply not do it!” Like the Patriots of the 1776 Restoration Movement that found him in a parking lot when he was set to make a “personal protest”, the passion, dedication, and urgency of this movement cannot be fully described with words. When describing the night in Ohio when he joined the convoy, the Americans that hugged his chest and gave what they did not have to give, the tears of joy that were shed knowing someone was finally stepping up; David grasped for words and his voice faltered. With clear resolve, he shared, “I can’t fail. I can’t fail them. I can’t fail the message of the movement. I can’t fail the American people.”

“Santa” and the 1776 Restoration Movement stand at the Nation’s Capital. Every morning they emerge from their cars, trucks, and vans with ole’ glory flying to greet the morning. Passer byes are greeted with friendly conversation. Walks are scheduled through the streets of DC. They enter the halls of the Capital and speak with representatives. And yes, there have been agitators attempting to change the narrative. However, with creativity and humor, all attacks have been dealt with peacefully. The Lord must be smiling because the ruckus turned out to be beneficial to the movement!

An invitation

When closing my interview with David, I asked if there was one thing he’d like me to share with readers. It was no surprise to me that he asked to share something for We the People. “I’d like to see this whole Mall circled”, he said. “They need to see us.” So, “Santa” and the 1776 Restoration Movement have sent you an invitation to join them at the Nation’s Capital. Stand for an hour. Stand for the duration, whatever you can do! Let “them” see our numbers.

Unfortunately, at the time of this printing, these citizens exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully regress their grievances have been ordered to leave. Though they have peacefully endured verbal attacks, property damage, and visits from Antifa, they have been ordered to leave. Though they have complied with all regulations and requirements of DC government, including paying parking meters and pulling permits, they have been ordered to leave. In the evening meeting on August 2, 2022, via a vote, it was determined to abide by the order and regroup.

The full interview will be available in the Debut Edition of America’s Convoy Magazine scheduled for Fall 2022. The article will include how David’s story evolved from joining the convoy in Ohio to the position he holds today. He will share his views on leadership, government overreach, and the Constitution. Through stories of his past and insights he’s gathered along his life path, you meet a humble, grounded man of God. You will meet a man bound by his word, driven by duty and who is dedicating everything to save the Nation he holds dear.

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