Diversity Is What Makes America, America

Hagerstown Speedway, MD Diversity in a common goa.
Hagerstown Speedway

America, is the land of the free. Our forefathers knew that a free nation would grow and flourish. A free nation would benefit from its differences. For over two hundred years, that is what this nation did. We developed multiple political parties to represent our governing views. Lady Liberty welcomed different nationalities and religions.  Our Nation continued to grow. It flourished. We accepted those fleeing oppression, tyranny and un-acceptance. We accepted those seeking the American dream. This melting pot of knowledge and views has made our Nation strong. Though we may not agree on all things, we can agree on one. Freedom. The fight for freedom is not divided along political lines. It does not belong to one religion or another. It is not divided along nationalities, ethnicities, sexual preference, age or education. Freedom belongs to all.

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