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How often do you hear the phrase, “Politics is all local“? People are finally starting to get it because it’s true. The only way one can explain the deterioration of our communities is that policies are written to do just that. But unfortunately, we have been missing in action, and their agenda has gone unchallenged. That has changed, and we must act with precision and quickness.

How do we, who love God and country, create a platform that confronts their agenda in a way that bypasses the system? First, we develop our effective platform – precisely what we’ve done with America’s Commemorative Magazine.

Each state will have ONE Co-Publisher that represents its city. With an entire page dedicated to that city, they write on the relevant issues to their community. Co-Publishers build awareness of the publication and earn a percentage of every sale and ad sale in their zones. This opportunity is presented as a free-trade, capitalistic for an entrepreneurial-minded person.