Nation's Capital

Have you ever gazed at the Nation’s Capital building in DC? In early July 2022 I had that opportunity. As I walked down the National Mall, dumbfounded by the sheer […]

The Arts

In today’s hyper politicized culture many of those interested in effecting positive change in their society, focus on politics in a direct and static fashion. This isn’t inherently an unimportant […]

Women Warriors Of The Convoy

There by the grace of God

“We want our country back,” said Denise during a conversation by her camper the next day. “We want it back the way it was intended to be run, not as […]

Diversity Is What Makes America, America

America, is the land of the free. Our forefathers knew that a free nation would grow and flourish. A free nation would benefit from its differences. For over two hundred […]