Nation's Capital

Have you ever gazed at the Nation’s Capital building in DC? In early July 2022 I had that opportunity. As I walked down the National Mall, dumbfounded by the sheer […]

America is a Miracle!

America is a Miracle!

If we are only to celebrate when times are good, great, and excellent, we miss the essence of what makes a day relevant, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, […]

Hold the Press!

Freedom Speech & Press

Have you ever had a story that had to be told? The ability to communicate is one of our most precious gifts. Since the beginning of history, we have had […]

Take the Jab or Lose Your Job

US Freedom Flyers was started out of necessity. It is a grassroots movement started by airline employees who refused to stay silent while having their rights trampled on. They are passionate about preserving […]

The Pledge of Allegiance

This is my home, freedom

The Pledge of Allegiance, we all know it well. I can remember as a child, standing in my first-grade class struggling to memorize the pledge. I can remember dutifully holding […]

The They Work For Us Town Hall

Put the Human back in Humanity Brian Brase is traveling to communities throughout our Nation and inviting you to participate in the They Work For Us Town Hall meetings in […]

Truckers Keep America Moving

My name is Scott Brunk I am the CEO of FoodPRO and large independent broadline food distributor out of Frederick Md. We have been in business for over 85 years […]

The Arts

In today’s hyper politicized culture many of those interested in effecting positive change in their society, focus on politics in a direct and static fashion. This isn’t inherently an unimportant […]

The Imperative of Print


At the risk of sounding like a Philosophy 101 college professor lecturing on the metaphysical … Why publish a People’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine? After all, quality journalism and photography is […]

Bill of Rights

The fear of Government becoming too powerful worried the founding members of our Great Nation, and they had the foresight to include Amendments to the U.S. Constitution that guaranteed the […]