Bill of Rights

The fear of Government becoming too powerful worried the founding members of our Great Nation, and they had the foresight to include Amendments to the U.S. Constitution that guaranteed the People’s rights and provided security that no future Politician or President could ever take away or disregard.  We The People have just forgotten the real power we possess.

In the very First Amendment of the 10 Bill of Rights, the founding members of this Great Nation sealed the fate of any future power-hungry group or individual from creating any tyrannical rule over the people.  It clearly states We The People Have the Right of; Free exercise of Religion, of Speech, of Press, Right of The People to Peacefully Assemble, and Right of The People to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances.  Congress is prohibited from infringing upon any of these inalienable rights.


The America’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine is that fresh breeze of News, Information, and Voices of The People not censored or twisted.  For too long our mainstream media has become an extension of tyrannical Politicians to silence and manipulate the Rights and Voices of We The People.  We are reclaiming the bullhorns from the scripted mainstream media and maniacal people who appear massive, but are not representative of the totality of We The People. 

This Nation Belongs To US, and America’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine has drawn that line in the sand.  We intend to shine the light of truth on the tyrannical and bring The People’s Grievances to the attention and awareness of every citizen of this great land.   

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