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America’s Convoy Commemorative Magazine will be available for sale at rallies, conservative conferences, and online through our website and patriot affiliate network. In June of 2022, our promotion edition will be distributed to various events through online orders and sent to potential advertisers. Vendors who attend these events throughout the United States are too numerous to count, and nearly every one of them we have spoken to intends to sell America’s Convoy! We also predict a tremendous influx of sales through our army of wholesalers who operate brick-and-mortar businesses.

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Advertising in America’s Convoy is an experience. It is not just a flat, impersonal encounter. Instead, you are palpably connecting with the hearts and spirits of people who realize that we need an American revival centered around our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The foundation is the WORD OF GOD. Unapologetically in declaring the truth within our culture, our schools, and within the corridors of Congress.